Colour Rendering Overview

What is coloured rendering?

Coloured rendering is the common name given to render that is coloured. Coloured render is an acrylic render that is more durable and gives off a more natural aesthetic look than painted finishes.

Colour Render

Should I use coloured render?

Deciding between colour acrylic render and paint to be the finishing coat on your cement render/acrylic project is a personal choice. Coloured acrylic renders have been gaining popularity as an alternative to painting:

Below are some of the benefits of coloured rendering

  • Colour rendering usually comes with a manufacturer warranty making it longer lasting.
  • Coloured rendering has a natural looking finish that radiates outwards
  • Coloured rendering increases protection against water and mould
  • Coloured rendering can be used inside and outside

  • What colour render brand should I use?

    There are many colour acrylic render suppliers so it is not often clear on what brand a customer should select. It is best to discuss your options with your rendering company who will be able to guide you and explain to you which brand they are using for your project and why.

    Acrylic Render Finishes

    One of the most appealing features of coloured render finishes are the different textures and finishes that can be achieved. With so many brands and so many products there are many options when deciding on your textured finish.

    Below is a snippet of different coloured rendered texture finishes

    Textured Colour Rendering

    Coloured rendering comes in all different brands and types making it important an experienced renderer takes ownership of your project, in order for the job to be completed seamlessly.

    How we get the job done

    Rok Rendering aims to give all our customers the attention they deserve from start to finish

    • Preliminary discussion on what needs to be renderered and what your looking for
    • Project Manager to perform property analysis and give you options and recommendations if you desire
    • Project Manager to answer queries pre-quote
    • Project Manager to conduct a quote of property - including price and timeline
    • Support during project in regards to any queries or issues that may arise
    • End result will be a quality rendering project and a clean work site

    Timeline and Cost of Project

    The cost and timeline of the project will be set in the quote, though time may vary due to weather

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