Rockcote Coloured Render

What is Rockcote Coloured Render?

Rockcote Coloured Render is simply a brand of coloured render, there are many other coloured render brands including and not limited to Wattyl Render, Dulux Render, Novatex Render, Mac Render, Unitex Render and Dunlop Render.

Rockcote Coloured Render is like other coloured render brands in that they offer acrylic renders, coloured renders and textured finishes. Each coloured render brand has their own range of colour renders. This range of coloured renders will have different attributes below is a list of attributes your coloured render can have.

rockcote coloured render

Colour Render - Facts and Differences between colour render products

  • Texture: Rockcote Coloured Renders and colour renders come in different textured grains and sizes
  • Thickness: Rockcote Coloured Renders and colour renders come in different thicknesses varying between 1000 and 2000 microns
  • Gloss Level: Rockcote Coloured Renders and colour renders come in both matte and gloss finishes
  • Warranty: Rockcote Coloured Renders and colour renders come with different lengths of warranty dependent on product
  • Cost:Rockcote Coloured Renders and colour renders have different costs dependant on product, system and colour selected.
  • Internal or External Product:Rockcote Coloured Renders and colour renders come in product that can be applied both internally and externally or just internally.
  • Amount of Coats:Rockcote Coloured Renders and colour renders come in different system that require different amount of coats.

Why Rockcote Coloured Render?

We use Rockcote Coloured Render as the products are generally good and last. Though there are other brands that are just as good if not better. The problem with quantifying if something is better is to see how long it lasts and how good it looks for how long. This is not possible in a real world setting as we cannot go and analyse each house we do and how many years it looks great for, whilst including every variable such as sun, wind, weather and if they maintained the render. This type of testing is more suited for a lab.

It is common knowledge within the industry that a lot of companies makes their renders in the same place and tag there brand on the product. Rockcote has done such a good job with marketing, that when people think Coloured Render they think Rockcote, just like when you think of a bandage you think of band-aid.

Rockcote Coloured Render Product Options

Below is a gallery of different finish options.

All the colour renders below are coloured acrylic renders. Meaning they are of the highest quality when it comes to render finishes. Most of the finishes below also come in every single paint colour. ALL BELOW FINISHES DO NOT NEED TO BE PAINTED.

Rough Look Render Finish - Popular in homes looking for rustic look

rockcote coloured render rough look render finish

Gloss Finish – Most popular finish due to its inbuilt sealer and waterproofing qualities.

rockcote coloured render gloss finish

Matt Finish - Does not have to be painted but painting can improve its longevity

rockcote coloured render matt finish

Super Fine Finish - The most expensive finish as it require double acrylic coat as each coat is so thin

rockcote coloured render super fine finish

Semi Gloss Fine Finish

rockcote coloured render semi gloss fine finish

Bagged Acrylic Rendering

rockcote coloured render bagged acrylic finish

Coloured Rendering Benefits

Below is a list of benefits of coloured renders:

  • Comes in different textures and finishes
  • Comes in all the different colours just like paint
  • Longest lasting then painted finishes – paint is 30 micros where as colour renders are at least 1000 microns – making it 30x thicker than paint
  • 1000 microns – making it 30x thicker than paint
  • Long life – colour renders last longer in the harsh Australian weather
  • Full acrylic render formulation - the acrylics we use are full acrylic - not semi or partial

Rok Rendering Specialise in Colour Render Finishes

Rok Rendering are professional when it comes to decorative finishes including coloured renders. We have carried out many colour render projects, meaning you are in capable hands.

Rendering is a large investment for property owners and home renovators so it is important that is done by a professional company the first time.

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