Repairing Cement Render

Cement Render Usages

Cement Render was predominately used before the mid 2000s as the render of choice when it came to new homes, retaining walls and even new apartments. A lot of the projects from them times are now experiencing issues with the cement render needing repair works. Repairing Cement Render can be done in a variety of ways and it really depends on the current state of the render and the desired finish the client is after.

Repairing Cement Render Options

  • Patching existing areas that have come off
  • Removing cracks and drummy render then patching
  • Removing cracks, drummy render, patching and re-rendering
  • Removing cracks, drummy render, patching, re-rendering and then colour rendering as to not have to paint

Render Coming Off The Wall

Seen below is an example of a render repair project - in this case the render is directly coming off. Cases like this are very rare and the reasons for it can be various. Realistically the reason the render is failing at this point does not matter - but repairing so it does not fail again does.

Does Patching Work

Repairing Cement Render can be done economically by patching existing but issues can arise with variations of new render meeting old render. It is important to understand that this can be visible when painting and in shades of sunlight.

When to patch render and when to redo

In some cases when the render is coming off comfortably the best remedy is to remove it all in a largely affected subsection. Below is a photo of a wall with all the old render removed. Usually cement render should come off in such fashion, more commonly the issues will arise in the forms of cracking and drumminess.


In summary there are two main options when it comes to repairing cement render fixing areas of concern by patching or fixing these areas and then reskimming the wall so that the render looks uniform across the whole wall. Which method you select will depend on what your looking for when it comes to the final finish and repair works on your walls.

Repairing Cement Render with Rok Rendering

Rok Rendering can provide you with the best methods of repairing cement render. We can get you the finish and the look you want to create - the dream finish. With so many different rendering brands and products on the market we can make the decision easy by offering you options that suit your needs.

You don't render often, so when you render do it right with the team at Rok Rendering. With three generations of experience in the rendering industry you can be assured you are in good hands.

Cement Rendering is one of those things that is most noticeable when the job is done wrong or not a professional standard. For home owners cement rendering is a renovation to their house they might do once or twice in a lifetime so Rok Rendering prides ourselves on delivering an excellent rendering project outcome for all of our customers.

When hiring a tradesman there should be no guess work when it comes to the quality they offer, expectations should be set before the project and met at completion. Repairing external rendered walls is a very common call out for the team at Rok Rendering, with a lot of our work being in the realm of restoration. Hiring tradesman is complicated and confusing enough, no one wants to be quality checking a tradesman they are paying!

At Rok Rendering we can come to your property and provide you with a solution to your problem. We only use the best material and our work is always of the highest quality. If you would like to work with a cement rendering company that you can trust call Rok Rendering today on 0452-523-921 or contact us using the online form by clicking here.

The quality of you render remains long after the invoice is paid!

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