Paint or Render Brick House

What is best?

Often we will come across a client who is deliberating on whether to paint or render their brick house. Some are often not sure on the look they are after therefore trying to figure out which look will suit their tastes, while others are looking at it from a cost effectiveness point of view and we also have other clients who are looking at it from a long term perspective.

What are your long term plans with your home?

As this is a suggestion/opinion piece, the advice I would give is look at what your long term goals are with your home before committing in either direction. If the goal is to sell your home in one year - then render it, the value added by rendering will quadruple the money spent to render it. Thus making it an investment of sorts. If you plan to keep the home for a long time and the painted look is something that you love and is more affordable then paint it. The reason painting is a bad idea for selling is because rendering over painted surfaces cost more money and takes more time making a painted house less appealing for a buyer.

Reasons Brick Work is not Painted Often

paint or render brick home

If you spend a day driving around your neighbourhood you will realise most brick work is either bare as is or rendered, painted brick work is not that common for the reasons listed below.

  • Painted brickwork costs more money to render in the future
  • Painted brickwork is less likely to appeal to the majority of people
  • Painted brickwork needs to be painted more often then painted render has to be repainted
  • Painted brickwork does not actually provide protection to the house - it is pure cosmetic. When your render a brick house there is a lay of protection

paint or render brick home

In Summary

As stated the goal or outcome you are looking towards will determine the best of coarse of action when deciding to paint or render your brick house. Either can look great - just depends on you. Rendering provides added benefits of protecting your home, providing insulation and when it comes to render there are many different options and finishes.

Why Rok Rendering

You don't render often, so when you render do it right with the team at Rok Rendering. With three generations of experience in the rendering industry you can be assured you are in good hands.

Cement Rendering is one of those things that is most noticeable when the job is done wrong or not a professional standard. For home owners cement rendering is a renovation to their house they might do once or twice in a lifetime so Rok Rendering prides ourselves on delivering an excellent rendering project outcome for all of our customers.

When hiring a tradesman there should be no guess work when it comes to the quality they offer, expectations should be set before the project and met at completion. Repairing external rendered walls is a very common call out for the team at Rok Rendering, with a lot of our work being in the realm of restoration. Hiring tradesman is complicated and confusing enough, no one wants to be quality checking a tradesman they are paying!

At Rok Rendering we can come to your property and provide you with a solution to your problem. We only use the best material and our work is always of the highest quality. If you would like to work with a cement rendering company that you can trust call Rok Rendering today on 0452-523-921 or contact us using the online form by clicking here.

The quality of you render remains long after the invoice is paid!

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