Most Popular Render Colours


What are the most popular render colours is an often asked questions by builders, home owners and architects alike. When you looking for popular exterior colour schemes for render put simply are usually grey in tone. Though the fact that it is a popular render colour should not be the only factor as the colour you select will also depend on the other colours around your house.

Colours are one of the most important things when designing and finding the look your after on your home. It is important these colours work together to blend into a final finished home.

most popular render colours

3 ways to give your render a colour

Option 1:

Painting the render

Painting your render is the most common method to give your render colour. Below shows the three progress photos of a brick wall to get to a painted finish.

Painting render looks great whilst adding a protective layer to your render to make it last longer.

most popular render colours painted render process

Option 2:

Adding oxide to the render

Adding oxide to your render is another method to give your render a colour. The colour range is limited, and no batch of oxide will 100% be identical as the render colour varies through the wall.

Oxide renders finishes are uncommon, but they are great if your looking for an earthy look. To be noted that you can not select oxides from regular Dulux and Taubmans colour charts.

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most popular render colours

Rok Rendering Bagging Oxide Sampling Day

At Rok Rendering we specialise in bagging oxide render finishes before we commence the project we sample up the colours on your wall. See below an image of our bagging sampling day.

most popular render colours oxide bagging sampling

If your looking for earthy colours then the render with oxide is a great options. The characteristics of these colours are they are not uniform in nature, will lighten over time and can be customised in colour on site before your project begins.

Option 3:

Coloured Acrylic Rendering System

The coloured acrylic rendering system is the best of the best when it comes to render finishes. It lasts the longest, is weather resistant and with the acrylic fibres in the render it withstands cracking better then all render finishes. For that reason this finish has many more steps involved

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most popular render colours oxide bagging sampling

The coloured used in the colour rendering project above is one of the most popular of all Shale Grey.

Coloured Acrylic Rendering Colours

Coloured Acrylic Rendering Colour Options include almost all colours in the Taubmans, Dulux and British Paints colour charts. If you can get the colour in paint, you can get the colour in a colour acrylic render. It is worth noting that although the colours are the same, once the colour takes a colour render form it may have a slightly different look.

An example where the colour of the render difference may be evident is if you paint your eaves lexicon and then apply a lexicon coloured render. You will then be able to tell the difference between the two colours, with that said this is also a result of the angle of the sun and substrate the products are applied onto.

Option 3 - Coloured Acrylic Rendering System - More examples of this finish with the most popular render colours highlighted

Shale Grey Render - Colour Render

shale grey rendering colours

As an example if your looking to get a nice grey tone colourbond Shale Grey is a very popular grey colour when rendering your home, as we have used it many times when it comes to colour render finishes. See project below completed in Shale Grey

most popular rendering colours shale grey most popular rendering colours shale grey

Beige Antiquity Render- Colour Render

beige antiquity rendering colours

When it comes to other popular colours we have used Beige Antiquity is a popular colour if your trying to get a neutral and charming beige colour. lots of other colours. Below is an example of Colorbond Surfmist on a rendered fireplace.

Below is an example of Beige Antiquity on a newly rendered home. See below an example of colour render project in Beige Antiquity.

most popular rendering colours beige antiquity

Surfmist Render - Colour Render

surfmist rendering colours

Another very popular render colour that we have been using a lot lately is Colorbond Surfmist. The reasons for its use include its ability to look good with most popular rendering colours surfmist

Dulux Lexicon Render - Colour Render

Below is a colour pallette of Dulux Lexicon. As you will see in photos following that image, how the colour comes out in different shade and sun is very different.

dulux lexicon most popular render colours

Dulux Lexicon is a very popular colour render and we have used it 3 times in the last 12 months. The reasons for its popularity is its ability to blend in with other colours, making it very versatile finish.

Below are some photos of a recently finished project in colour render using Dulux Lexicon.

dulux lexicon most popular render colours dulux lexicon most popular render colours dulux lexicon most popular render colours

Below is an image of a super close up of Dulux Lexicon in a colour render form. Photos are never 100% accurate when it comes to colours, however the colour render texture close up is great to see.

dulux lexicon most popular render colours

How to pick your colour

Popular colours come in many forms and the colour select will be determined by the colours around your home. If your rendering your home it is usually easier to make sure the render fits in with the rest of your colours then it is change all the colours around it, including eaves, gutters, downpipes and roofs.

Concrete Look Render Finishes

There are also specialist finishes that are not one colour including Concrete Look Render Finishes. Below is an example of Concrete Look Render Finish, although not one true colour in nature, these finishes mimic the look of concrete and although more expensive than other render finishes they do not require painting and with the right system being followed they will last longer then painted finishes.

Below is an example of a concrete finish before and after

most popular rendering colours concrete finish look most popular rendering colours concrete finish look

On Site Consultations

All in all the colour and the finish you pick will determine how your home or project turns out. It is important you figure out what your going to get before you start your project so that the colour, texture and finish sheen are exactly what you are looking for. Rok Rendering offers onsite colour and texture consultations if your in the early stages of deciding on your finishes and house rendering options.

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