Concreting Services Overview

What is Concreting?

Concreting is the name given to surfacing roads, pavers, driveways and slabs with concrete. Concrete has a slurry type texture that allows it to be poured and cured to a finished state that makes it ideal for driveways.

What are the different types of concreting?

How we get the job done

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Cement Rendering

The Cement Rendering Process

  • Prepare substrates
  • Install corner beads
  • Cement Render - Smooth Sponge Finish
  • Paint - After 28 days

Cement Rendering - Before and After

Below is a before and after of a cement rendering job completed by the team at Rok Rendering. The render was painted three months after application


Timeline and Cost of Project

The cost and timeline of the project will be set in the quote, though time may vary due to weather

Service Areas

Our team at Rok Rendering has carries out Cement Rendering in Wollongong, Sydney, Canberra and the Southern Highlands. Call us today on 0452 523 921 for a free quote.

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