Coloured Render Cost


Coloured Renders are beautiful finishes that are different in nature and quality to regular paints. This guide will address the cost of coloured rendering.

When one is wondering what coloured render costs, they are either wondering one of two things.

  1. The cost to get coloured rendering done

  2. The cost of the coloured rendering material

  3. Will touch briefly on both of these to make sure you get the information you require.

coloured rendering costs

Coloured Render Costs To Get House Rendered

Coloured Rendering is different than regular render in that it is a three coat system unlike regular render that is a one coat system followed by paint. This is the reasons that is pricier than regular render.

As a general rule if normal render will cost you $15000 dollars a colour render will cost you between $23000 and $25000. That is a normal rule as a ratio. That being said colour rendering a regular single storey house will vary between $12000-$25000. When it comes to a double storey house without scaffolding the price will be between $23000-$40000.

These prices are just guide and can be useful when formulating budgets for your renovations for your home.

Colour Render Costs come with benefits, below are some benefits of coloured render.

  • Coloured Render repels water and adds another layer of protection against the elements

  • Coloured Renders come in all the same colours as paints

  • Coloured Render comes in lots of different textures and finishes

  • Coloured Render can always be painted in the future

  • Coloured Renders is 100 times thicker than paint and is a mm thick at a minimum

  • See below an example of a before and after of a house in a colour render.

    coloured rendering cost before coloured rendering cost after

    Coloured Render Costs to Buy Material

    If your looking to buy just the coloured rendering materials, not the base coats and secondary coats you will be looking at $100 or more per bucket. With that in mind there are different buckets with different additives that will do different things to arrive at your desired objective.


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