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Rok Rendering offers rendering services in Shellharbour and the greater Illawara region. Our services include cement rendering, acrylic rendering, blueboard rendering, textured finishes, concrete/render repairs and bagging rendering. Cement Rendering is an evolution of older methods of applying sand and lime over exterior walls to increase their longevity and aesthetics. In more recent times cement rendering has been used to increase the value of ones home and provide protection against external factors including weather which increase the life span of your home.

Acrylic rendering is the newest form of render that is gaining an increasing popularity due to its advantages over traditional rendering such as flexibility and durability. If your looking for a cement renderer or acrylic renderer in Shellharbour you can contact Rendering by clicking here). You can also read more about acrylic render by clicking here). With the added benefits of using acrylic rendering over traditional sand and cement rendering Rok Rendering has naturally over time become experts at acrylic rendering.  When you think Acrylic Rendering Shellharbour - think Rok Rendering.

If your looking repair existing render/concrete or render your home then you can trust Rok Rendering who have successfully completed many Shellharbour Cement Rendering projects over the years. If you have a cement rendering project in Shellharbour or the surrounding areas call Rok Rendering today to arrange us to come out to your home or site for a quote. 

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Cement Rendering Shellharbour

Project Type: Cement Rendering Repairs followed by Acrylic render
Project Location: Acrylic Rendering Shellharbour

This project was really rewarding as we got to restore the render in the courtyard of a house in Shellharbour. The courtyard was already rendered and painted but there was cracking and exposed steel corner beads that were rusting and in some cases dissolved into the cement render.

Below is a before and after of one section of the project

Cement Rendering Shellharbour


We provided the client with two options in order to get the same look as before and restore the render so it could be painted again

a) Patch over all exposed corner beads that are rusting - really bad option but a bandaid fix that we explained to the client that would not fix the problem. This cheaper option is not recommended

b) Take of all rusted corner beads, install new corner beads, break down drummy area and then patch these areas

Client went with option b, which we recommended as the best option for a long lasting cement rendering job.


We left the place looking good and restored to its former state. The workmanship was top notch and the customer was highly satisfied with the outcome of the project.

Cement Rendering is can be amazing when done well, but when not done right it can result in a lot of money being wasted after the fact if the job is not done properly. Cement Renderers in the Shellharbour are not all created equal and if your looking for cement rendering company that you can trust for all Cement Rendering Services in Shellharbour, consider Rok Rendering.

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We service all of the Illawarra and the surrounding areas and we are experts at cement rendering houses, cement rendering retaining walls/fences, concrete/render repairs and other rendering services in the Illawarra.

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