Cement Rendering Costs 2023 - A guide

cement rendering costs 2023

How much does cement rendering cost? Cement Rendering is more cost effective than acrylic render finishes however there are multiple factors that influence the price of your cement rendering project.

If you do not have upwards of 200 square metres a metre rate will not be applicable to your job. Metre rates are best used on job sites where there is no restriction in accessing walls (no downpipes, no electrical, no pot plants and no fixtures on walls.

Main factors that influence cement rendering costs


Access includes how easy it is to work on wall, how far the wall is from where the car can be parked and how difficult it is to move from mix location to work location. Easier the access, will mean the job can be done more efficiently. Therefore access is a very important factor that will influence your cement rendering cost.


As this article is headlined cement render costs 2023, we are more than likely going to be using cement render. Cement render is cheaper than acrylic renders when it comes to cost, however other renders may need to be used before you can apply cement render, which leads onto the next factor.

Substrate Condition

If a brick wall is painted, it will need special acrylic render base coat before application of cement render, therefore substrate condition will impact the cost of your rendering project.


What you are applying cement render onto will also impact the cost, brick work is the only real suitable substrate that sand cement render should be applied onto.

Time Frame

Does the job need to be completed within a short window or can the job only be done after hours? These are factors that can impact the price of your cement rendering project.

A table of factors that further influence cement rendering costs

Decrease PriceIncrease Price
Ground level walls, low wallsTressel work, high walls, step ladder work
Easy accessDifficult access
No scaffoldsScaffolds required
Sole traderCompany
Lower paid employeesHigher paid employees
Less experiencedHighly experienced
Not much work scheduled inLots of work scheduled in
Bad reputationGood reputation
New businessEstablished business

Cement Rendering Costs – Metre Rates

With all the above considered an assumption that there is more than 200 square metres, the pricing for your cement render job will be between 50-75 a metre +GST . The metre rate includes windows and doors.

For smaller jobs a lump sum price is suitable.

Cement Rendering is a large investment for property owners and home renovators so it is important that is done by a professional company the first time. Cement Rendering Cost realistically include two things what you pay and what you get.

Cement Rendering Cost - Ranges

Cement RenderingPrice Range
Single storey house7,500 - 25,000
Double Storey house15,000 - 40,000
Front Fence2,000 - 8,000
Bathroom Render - Ready for tiling1,500 - 3,500

Cement Rendering Characteristics and Facts

  • Traditional render finish
  • Requires painting
  • The mix is important as are the ratios of sand, cement and lime
  • Amazing smooth finish
  • Will protect bricks and mortar from erosion
  • Been around for 1000’s of years
cement rendering costs 2023

Recent Cement Rendering Projects


cement rendering costs 2023


cement rendering costs 2023


cement rendering costs 2023


cement rendering costs 2023


cement rendering costs 2023


cement rendering costs 2023

Coloured Acrylic Rendering Instead of Cement Rendering

Coloured Acrylic Rendering is another option when it comes to rendering your home, coloured acrylic render is a second coat applied to the base coat. Coloured Acrylic Rendering is a lot more crack resistant then painting and will last longer than 15 years which will mean you won't be painting so often. To learn more about coloured acrylic rendering click here

The above information is a guide which can be used to select the rendering company after meeting them at your property for a site visit and quote.

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