Cement Render Finishes

Cement Render Finishes come in different finishes, textures and thicknesses. The cement render finish you select will be dependant on what you want the render to look like and what the render is being applied onto. Cement Render Finishes is the blanket term given to render finishes, there are other renders such acrylic renders and coloured acrylic renders that give you different looks and textures than regular cement render finishes.

cement render finishes

Different Cement Render Finishes

What is cement render?

Cement render is the name of render mix that combines sand, cement and lime. Cement renders are the most traditional of render materials and any home that is rendered before the year 2000 would have used a cement render. As acrylic render gain popularity cement render is becoming less used, with that said sand cement render finish are still amazing render finishes. Worth noting that cement render requires painting. Cement Render is one of the cheapest options when it comes to rendering.

Traditional Smooth Cement Render Finish (requires painting) - Close up

cement render finishes

Different Acrylic Render Finishes

What is acrylic render?

Acrylic render is a special render material that has acrylics and plastics included in the mix to give it flexibility and strength. Acrylic render comes in two forms them being one that requires painting (acrylic render) and one does not (coloured acrylic render). Acrylic render requires painting OR it can be used as a base coat BEFORE a coloured acrylic render. The reasons for using acrylic render over a cement render includes substrates and/or finishes. Not all substrates are suitable for cement render.

Acrylic Render Smooth Finish (requires painting)

cement render finishes

Traditional Smooth Cement Render Finish (requires painting) - Close up

cement render finishes

FL Acrylic Render Finish (requires painting)

cement render finishes

Bagged Acrylic Render Finish (requires painting in most cases)

cement render finishes

Colour Render Finishes do not require painting

Gloss Coloured Acrylic Render Finish (three coat system, does not require painting)

Three coat system that does not require painting great in coasatal areas exposed to sea salt as it it is 20x times thicker than paints

cement render finishes

Matt Coloured Acrylic Render Finish (three coat system, does not require painting)

cement render finishes

Is Coloured Acrylic Rendering Expensive?

Coloured Acrylic Rendering is the 3rd coat of a 3 coat system, it is the final coat after a base coat render, primer. Coloured acrylic render more than 30 times thicker than paint and comes in all the same colours. Colour render are great instead of repainting as they can be applied right over existing painted render. Generally speaking coloured acrylic render can be about the same price as repainting with all the extra bells and whistles including longevity, texture and look.

When to use cement render over acrylic render

Cement render is great to use over brick work and bathroom renovations rendering. Reason for sand cement render is great for bathrooms is that the materials dries faster internally and this is very important when applying very thick render typically applied in bathrooms.


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