Cement Render Crack Repair - My cement render is cracking - what should I do?

Cement Render Crack Repair - An Introduction

Cement Render can crack over time, the reasons for this are numerous. When your cement render is cracking it creates a visible issue but what is the root cause? This article will delve into the reasons your cement render cracksand the options when it comes to repairing cracks in cement rendered walls.

Cement Render Crack Repair

What are the reasons for cement render cracking?

Listed below are reasons that your cement render might be cracking

  • The render was not applied correctly - we have repaired external rendered walls where the renderer did not take the steps neccessary to do the job correctly.
  • The material was not the right material for the substrate- application of cement renders onto blue board is an example of this.
  • The wall is moving and causing the render to crack - common problem, structural issue/new construction issue, this causes bricks to move and in turn render to crack
  • The render was applied a very long time ago - there is no saying how long render can last but after 30 years it is fair for the render to degrade in some areas
  • The render was applied in the wrong conditions - render cured to fast or didn't cure fast enough, this will be the combination of the weather, the mix and application

What are the types of cement render cracking?

By looking at the reasons the render is cracking you can figure out the most effective way to fix it and ways to lower the chances and/or decrease the speed of which it happens again in the future. A lot of times pinpointing why there are cracks in externally rendered walls is cracking is not so simple, often there can be more than one reason. Repairing the render/concrete that is cracking is the main goal and below are the different ways to do it.

Render Crack Repair Project Photos - Before and After

Below is a before after of a render repair project in Alexandria, eastern suburbs of Sydney. This is an example of granosite render repair.

Cement Render Crack Repairs Sydney Wollongong

Repairing cement rendered walls - 4 ways to do it

1 - Patch up/Repair and re-render only the areas that are cracking

This may involve replacing corner beads, installing mesh and filling in drummy areas after removal of old render. This is a cost effective way to solve the problem as you do not re-render the whole wall you only fix up the problem areas. Though it is worth noting the patched areas might be visible after re-painting(which is unavoidable when just patching render), which leads us onto the next option

2 - Patch up/Repair and re-render all areas of wall

This is the red carpet treatment for your wall as you not only fixing up the render by installing mesh and filling in drummy areas to fix all existing cracks. But you are also applying a fresh coat of render over your wall. If the existing wall is painted an undercoat will need to be applied so that your render sticks and you do not have render that does not stick and cause issues down the line.

3 - Total render removal - Remove all render off the wall the more drummy areas you have the more this option makes sense.

This is a very costly option but it is one of them things to do if the existing render is really drummy in a lot of areas. Rendering over existing render is sometimes an option when the old render is really solid but onto drummy areas it will just mask the issue with your render for a short time . This option can save you money in the long run, just depends on the the wall and state of existing render. It is not often though you will need to repair your render using this method.

4 - Rebuild the wall and then render it - sometimes this may be the best option if there is structural issues.

Drastic we know, but if your render has been applied correctly by a professional renderer and it is cracking very quickly - there are structural issues. You can patch the wall when ever it cracks but it will be an endless money pit, rebuild the wall or just decide that your okay with it looking cracked. Sometimes repairing the cracked render every few years may be more cost effective then rebuilding a wall. If the wall that is constantly cracking and is in an area that has plants, growing plants out may be also be an option

Cement Render Crack Repair - Rok Rendering Process

If you require cement render crack repair, you will be looking to engage a professional rendering contractor. Below is the process we follow to save our customers time and give them a high quality job.

Quotation Stage - Cement Render Crack Repair

The quotation stage starts when you call Rok Rendering and ends when you accept our quote. Once you call Rok Rendering to get your cement render crack repair project completed, we will have an initial phone conversation about the project and request photos of the areas requiring render repairs. Once we have received these photos we will then call you to discuss these photos or request further photos. We will then email you a project scope and price. Customers before they become customers often ask how that is possible, it is because we have completed so many cement render crack repair projects and we know how to assess via photos. In some circumstances the photos may not suffice, and we will then do a site visit.

Cement Render Crack Repairs

Pre Project Stage - Cement Render Crack Repair

In this stage we set a start date/or start week and get a deposit. We keep in communication through out the period between quote acceptance and project start.

Project Stage - Cement Render Crack Repair

In this stage we complete the cement render crack repair project as seen in the steps below

Step 1 - Prepare Job Site, remove render and assess

In this stage we will assess what is happening under the cracking render, what is happening will not change your price - rather it will change the process we take.

Cement Render Crack Repairs

Step 2 - Clean brick and apply render (mesh in some cases)

In this stage we will apply the right render and decide if mesh is required.

Step 3 - Finish render - smooth sponge finish ready for paint

We will finish the render and it will be ready for paint, how long it will be ready for paint will depend on the render used. The render used will depend on the existing render finish.

Cement Render Crack Repairs

Step 4 - Cut Expansion Joint (This will be optional if mesh has been installed)

Expansion joint can be cut if applicable, expansion joints are not always neccessary in cement render crack repair projects.

Cement Render Crack Repairs

Post Project Stage - Cement Render Crack Repair

In this stage payment is made and the job is completed with a site walk through

Recent Project - Outside Render Repair

Your house was rendered a long time ago, and as time goes by you see some cracks starting to appear. It seems you may need an outside render repair, but before you get it repaired with the right questions we can attempt to figure out how to patch it correctly and patch it so it lasts. Outside render repairs are very common especially if the house was rendered when it was newly built as the foundations move making the render crack in the process.

The right company, following the right process and the correct material will give you the best outcome for your outside render repair project.

Below is a recent project we completed. This project was fairly small in scope, but large in importance as the customer wanted to repaint their home. We removed the old render and installed a combination of mesh and new render.

outside render repairs

Why Rok Rendering

Cement Rendering is one of those things that is most noticeable when the job is done wrong or not a professional standard. For home owners cement rendering is a renovation to their house they might do once or twice in a lifetime so Rok Rendering prides ourselves on delivering an excellent rendering project outcome for all of our customers.

When hiring a tradesman there should be no guess work when it comes to the quality they offer, expectations should be set before the project and met at completion. Repairing external rendered walls is a very common call out for the team at Rok Rendering, with a lot of our work being in the realm of restoration. Hiring tradesman is complicated and confusing enough, no one wants to be quality checking a tradesman they are paying!

At Rok Rendering we can come to your property and provide you with a solution to your problem. We only use the best material and our work is always of the highest quality. If you would like to work with a cement rendering company that you can trust call Rok Rendering today on 0422 299 610 or contact us using the online form by clicking here.

The quality of you render remains long after the invoice is paid!

Let us repair your render

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