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About Blue Board Rendering

Blue Board is a strong 7.5 mm sheet, it design to be rendered with with an acrylic based render. Acrylic renders come in different finishes and forms such as coloured and non coloured giving you a plethora of options when it comes to coating your blue board.

Blue Board is sturdy, primed sheet that is quick to erect and preferred by builders which is usually finished on-site with a blue board acrylic render system. Blue board usage is the original method to create a decorative rendering finish without the need for masonry.

Blue board is used predominately as an external cladding material in residential homes and commonly used in renovations/extensions as it is light weight, quicker to install and can be accessed easily. The fact blue board is a ready made render substrate makes it a common choice when your looking for smooth finish or textured coloured render finish.

Below is a photo of a blue board rendering project in Balgowlah Heights (Sydney Northern Beaches) before the team at Rok Rendering took over and rendered it!

blue board rendering sydney northern beaches

Rendering your Blue Board

Rendering your blue board comes with a few options, the two most commons options when rendering your blue board are:

  • Option 1: Acrylic Render Smooth Sponge Finish - This option means you will need to paint the render after it is cured in the case of acrylic render onto blue board you can paint it after 48 hours.
  • Option 2: Three Stage Coloured Render System
  • 1) Base coat acrylic render
    2) Primer
    3) Textured Coloured Acrylic Render Finish (Comes in all same colours as paint)

Blue Board Rendering Project - Acrylic Render onto Blue Board Painted Finish

Below is a commercial blue board rendering project we completed for our client. We applied acrylic render onto blue board - smooth rendered finish and then it was painted.

blue board rendering sydney wollongong

How we get the job done

Rok Rendering aims to give all our customers the attention they deserve from start to finish

  • Contact us to arrange our Project Manager to come to your site or home for a inspection.
  • Project Manager to give you options and recommendations onsite before quote if you desire
  • Project Manager to conduct a inspection of the rendering project - quotations will be detailed with all neccessary information.
  • Support during project - During some projects there will moments or unforeseen circumstances it is up to the project manager to inform you of these and give you options in order to progress. There may be also changes you may want to make along the way this can also be discussed with the project manager.
  • End result will be a quality rendering project and a clean work site

Timeline and Cost of Project

The cost and timeline of the project will be set in the quote, though time may vary due to weather .

Service Areas

Our team at Rok Rendering has carries out Cement Rendering in Wollongong, Sydney, Canberra and the Southern Highlands. Call us today on 0452 523 921 for a free quote.

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