Acrylic Rendering Sydney Service Overview

Like cement rendering, acrylic renders can be applied over brick, paint, existing render and blueboard. Put simply acrylic render is a render that has a special type of plastic in the mix which makes it less prone to cracking and the better option when rendering your home. Acrylic rendering is recommended to all of our clients in most cases as it is a superior product to cement rendering, although there are some cases we may recommend cement rendering.

Across Sydney we have seen a large increase in the amount of acrylic rendering work we do as people learn more about the advantages over traditional rendering such as flexibility and durability. Rendering your house or rendering your bathroom to be able to install them new tiles? Looking for acrylic rendering specialists in Sydney? You can contact Rendering by clicking here). You can also read a little more about acrylic render by clicking here).When you think acrylic rendering Sydney - think Rok Rendering.

So that time has come to render your home or repair existing render and concrete, you can trust Rok Rendering who have successfully completed many Sydney acrylic rendering projects over the years. If you have a acrylic rendering project in Sydney call Rok Rendering today to arrange us to come out to your home or site for a quote. 

Acrylic Rendering Sydney

Acrylic Rendering Sydney - What does it mean?

Acrylic rendering sydney services vary as not all acrylics are created the same or are the same. Acrylic rendering is a loose term that has many meanings as not all acrylic render finishes look the same and applied the same. There are some acrylic renders that are base coats, some are finish coats, some are coloured and some are not coloured. When deciding to render the need for acrylic will be evident by the goals of your project and the finishes your after.

Acrylic Rendering Sydney -Combining with cement render

There are instances when cement render and acrylic renders are used in combinations to do a project. As example if your doing a bathroom is a venetian type plaster, you may need to level out brick work, fill holes and patch up with cement render. This will create a base coat for your acrylic render finish. Worth noting that all acrylic render base coats also have sand and cement in them, the acrylic addition is the difference in the mixes.

The process - Start to Finish

Rok Rendering aims to give all our customers the attention they deserve from start to finish.

Acrylic Rendering Sydney

Timeline of Project and Cost of Project

The timeline of the project will be set in the quote, but may vary due to weather

Service Areas

Servicing all of Sydney and surrounding regions

Acrylic Rendering Sydney

Project Type: Render Repairs followed by Acrylic Render
Project: House Rendering Northern Beaches

Seen by the photo below this project was about identifying cracking render and replacing it with some new acrylic render. There were about 20 odd sections around the house that had cracking render similar to the photo below. Flaky and cracking render can be caused by a number of factors such as weather, age and wall movement, in this case it seemed like an age issue as the walls had help up fairly well even though the previous acrylic render looked so old. Although northern beaches and eastern suburbs of Sydney can get really hot, the wall movement was minimal here which allowed the client to hold off the repairs for so long.  After discussions with the client they wanted a solution that would a) repair the cracks b) give the wall a new and improved look which would hide imperfections and add value to their property .


Acrylic Rendering Sydney House


In this case the best thing for our client was to just repair and re-render all areas in acrylic render

The fact Acrylic Render is used less overall means that the chances of coming across a rendering company in the Northern Beaches and greater Sydney region that is not experienced to do a good job is higher. Which makes the decision on who to pick that much important. Rendering is something you do once every 10-20 years so it is best to do it right the first time as it is something that is applied to your house one or twice in a life time but can have lasting effects on the price of your house and how it looks.


Acrylic Rendering Sydney House


We completed the job that we promised and left the client very happy. As a whole we are proud of the work we do and it helps us keep our reputation in tact, as renderers in Sydney can sometimes bring down the image of the whole trade.

Acrylic rendering is something that looks great when done by expert tradesman, if not done right it can end in wasted money for a customer who needs to try to piece up the mess of job half done. Acrylic Renderers in Sydney are not all created the same and if your looking for acrylic rendering company in Sydney you can trust for all acrylic rendering Services in Sydney, consider Rok Rendering.

If you would like a free obligation quote for rendering in Sydney click here, and let us us get contact with you. 

We service all of Sydney and the surrounding areas and we are experts at cement rendering houses, cement rendering retaining walls/fences, concrete/render repairs and other rendering services in Sydney.

Is my renderer an acrylic rendering expert

If your looking for an acrylic renderer company in Sydney than the chances you would be wondering if they are pure cement renderers or acrylic rendering experts as well. At the end of the day a qualified and skilled renderer should be able to do both at a high level, however due to the fact that acrylic rendering is a newer product, overall most renders have more experience with sand and cement render over acrylic render.

In summing up it is fair to say that if your renderer is good at sand and cement render than he SHOULD be able to acrylic render at a high level. Though why take the chance? If you want a professional rendering job that combines the best materials, tools and tradesman for your next acrylic rendering project you can call us on 0452 523 921 or to request a call please see the contact page.

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