Acrylic Rendering vs Cement Rendering - A comparison

At Rok Rendering we have been providing quality rendering services for our clients for over three generations. The most common question we are asked by our prospective clients is what is the difference between acrylic render and cement render. That is a loaded question as the differences between the two comes in application, price, quality, texture, where it can be applied amongst other things.

This article will give you an understanding of the two types of renders and their key differences.

Difference #1 - The mix

Cement Render

The mix will arrive on site in the form of tonnes of sand, cement bags and lime. These ingredients are then mixed with water in the right ratio to produce a sand and cement render mix. You can also buy cement render in bags as well. If sand cement render is not mixed correctly it is hard to work on the wall and the renderers will not be able to do the job correctly. Cement Render in essence takes a more experienced crew as it is traditional and older method of rendering.

Acrylic Render

Acrylic render usage has increased rapidly in the last 10 years with one of the main reasons being the ease of mix. When mixing acrylic render you cannot really mess up the mix, but you need to make sure the mix is consistent for application. The acrylic render is bought premixed in bags and when mixed water you have your render mix. The mix still needs to be right for what you aim to do when rendering. Thought in comparing acrylic render to sand cement render - acrylic render is easier to mix

  • Winner - Acrylic render is easier to mix correctly but cement render is easier to mix. So acrylic render is the winner ever so slightly as the mix will be 100% consistent and not contain any impurities when it comes to the mix.

Difference #2 - Workmanship

Cement Render

Renderers have been using cement render since they have been cement rendering and for that reason they are a lot more skilled in its application and finish

Acrylic Render -

There are many acrylic renders on the market and not all renderers are that proficient in its use. Rendering is a trade that comes down to the hand of the applicator and lack of experience in use of arylic render is definitely a thing.

  • Winner - Cement Render - By a whisker as acrylic render usage is close to surpassing the usage of sand and cement render

Difference #3 - Texture Variety - Assuming you are painting the render and not applying a colour finish - The mix

Cement Render

Is usually more coarse then it is fine. Sand Cement Render texture is one size fits all as their are set ratios when it comes to making the perfect mix.

Acrylic Render -

Comes it different textures from fine to coarse - if your deciding to paint you can get a texture that you desire.

Note: If you are applying a colour finish - your base coat render texture will not matter as it will never be seen, texture of the base coat render only matters when painting.

  • Winner - Acrylic Render - Lots of textures to pick from to get you the finish you would like to paint on!

Difference #4 - Cost

Cement Render

Is a lot cheaper when we are talking large commercial projects, which is why a lot of builders tend to go with sand cement render. Overall it is a economical option when rendering.

Acrylic Render -

For larger projects acrylic render can be a lot more expensive than cement render. But when it comes to smaller projects the extra cost is warranted.

  • Winner - Depends on how we measure it. If it is cost Cement Render, if cost in comparison to what you get Acrylic render

Difference #5 - Quality

Cement Render

Has stood the test of time and is a great render finish. It a bit more prone to cracking than acrylic but if your wall is cracking there is usually more factors at play than the render.

Acrylic Render -

A lot more durable when it comes to fighting erosion(oceanside property) and holding up to cracking walls. Acrylic Render with the added plastic acrylics makes it a great option when rendering your home. .

  • Winner Acrylic Render - It has to be acrylic

Cement Rendering is one of those things that is most noticeable when the job is done wrong or not a professional standard. For home owners cement rendering is a renovation to their house they might do once or twice in a lifetime so Rok Rendering prides ourselves on delivering an excellent rendering project outcome for all of our customers.

When hiring a tradesman there should be no guess work when it comes to the quality they offer, expectations should be set before the project and met at completion. Repairing external rendered walls is a very common call out for the team at Rok Rendering, with a lot of our work being in the realm of restoration. Hiring tradesman is complicated and confusing enough, no one wants to be quality checking a tradesman they are paying!

At Rok Rendering we can come to your property and provide you with a solution to your problem. We only use the best material and our work is always of the highest quality. If you would like to work with a cement rendering company that you can trust call Rok Rendering today on 0422 299 610 or contact us using the online form by clicking here.

The quality of you render remains long after the invoice is paid!

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