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Our team at Rok Rendering draws on many years of experience in the cement rendering industry which allows us to provide you with high quality workmanship and expert advice

At Rok Rendering we are committed to giving you outstanding customer service and an even better rendering project. We are highly skilled in cement rendering,acrylic rendering, coloured rendering, blueboard rendering, granosite rendering and rendering repairs.

We have the team and capacity to take on jobs across Sydney, Wollongong, Southern Highlands and Canberra.

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With three generations of industry experiences comes technical know how and outstanding workmanship

Residential and Commercial

The capacity to take on large commercial projects and expertise in residential rendering

Quality tools and materials

We only use the highest grade materials to make sure the end result exceeds expectations .

We Do All Types of Rendering

We do it all from from acrylic rendering, cement rendering, house rendering and retaining wall rendering.


Our highly experienced cement rendering experts have a track record of customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next cement rendering project. Our service options are listed below.

Cement Rendering

Cement rendering is the most common and cost effective type of rendering service. For more information about cement rendering click here.

Acrylic Rendering

Acrylic rendering is gaining popularity for the advantages it has over cement rendering. For more information about acrylic rendering click here.

Coloured Rendering

Paint and acrylic render combination, which takes the hassle out of painting over the cement render at a later date. For more information about coloured acrylic render finishes here.

Cement Rendering Repairs

Cement Rendering repairs may neccesary if the previous job was not done well, the render is old or the structure has moved. For more information about render repairs click here.

Granosite Rendering

Granosite Cement Rendering uses water based acrylic, it is an older style finish that is not that common. For more information about granosite rendering click here.

Blueboard Rendering

Blueboard rendering is the application of acrylic rendering over a blueboard base. For more information about blueboard rendering click here.


Bagging is a form of cement rendering or acrylic rendering that is used to coat the surface and show a bit of the brick. For more information about bagging render click here.

Waterproof Rendering

Waterproof Cement Rendering is the addition of a special liquid to aid in the cement rendering lasting longer.

We are dedicated to providing the best rendering services to all of our customers

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